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Luxfer Gas Cylinders produces the world’s most comprehensive range of cylinders for high-pressure containment of o2 (oxygen) and other medical gases.


High-performance Luxfer cylinders are the lightweight, corrosion-resistant alternative to conventional steel cylinders, combining dramatic weight savings with extended gas delivery and exceptional strength and durability.


Luxfer medical cylinders are the ideal choice for home oxygen therapy, emergency medical services and pre-hospital care, as well as hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions.


L7X® carbon composite medical cylinders


L7X® carbon composite medical cylinders.

Luxfer has raised the bar with our L7X 300-bar, ultra-lightweight carbon composite medical cylinders that deliver greater volumes of oxygen in the lightest-weight packages available.



L6X® aluminum medical cylinders.

Our L6X all-metal oxygen cylinders are manufactured from our exclusive L6X aluminum alloy, our proprietary formula of 6061 alloy.

L7X® aluminum medical cylinders


L7X® aluminum medical cylinders.


Our L7X all-aluminium cylinders are manufactured from Luxfer’s higher-strength L7X aluminium alloy.

L6X® carbon composite medical cylinders


L6X® carbon composite medical cylinders.


Each ultra-lightweight L6X carbon composite oxygen cylinder has an inner liner made from Luxfer’s proprietary L6X alloy that is strengthened with an aerospace-grade carbon-fiber wrapping that completely surrounds the liner.

L7X® hoop-wrap medical cylinders


L7X® hoop-wrap medical cylinders.


Our L7X hoop-wrap cylinders are manufactured with inner aluminium liners made from Luxfer’s L7X higher-strength alloy that provides not only superior mechanical characteristics, but also significant weight savings. L7X liners are strengthened along the parallel cylinder sidewall with ultra-high-strength fibre wrapping, resulting in a high-performance cylinder that is compact, light in weight and extremely corrosion-resistant.

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