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As part of our portfolio management, 

Liquid Gas provide the following services:

  • Transportation of explosives and hazardous materials.

  • We use a fleet of 6 trucks to support the Israeli industry with explosive and energetic materials, we do not support ANFO trucks in our portfolio.

  • Storage of explosives in designated facilities Next to Neot Hovav, out storages accept all types of Class 1 materials, from Cardboard packages up to big bags.

  • We can also support storage of concentrated Nitric acid and Oleum.

  • Technical support in the design of explosive components and their use.

  • engineering consulting according to demand and need, from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

Liquid Gas

Mitcham Yevolim, Pardesia

P.O.Box 4016  Zip Code 4281500, Israel

Tel: 972-9-9740777 


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