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In the changing climate situation, Israel is more and more effected by Hail, we are the sole company in Israel who manufactures Anti-hail rockets. 


Our rockets diameter is 55 mm; they have various technical parameters on which the flight height and length depends. The anti-hail systems consist of a launching unit, a rocket and a control panel.


After ignition the rocket, the engine operates for a definite time after which the reagent is activated causing spraying ice-forming particles into clouds at a definite height, our rockets consist of Ammonium perchlorate, aluminum powder and other ingredients that bring our rockets for the best outcome possible.


All our rockets are self-destruct according to adjustable timing mechanism.


ARI 2 Hail Missile- is used for dispersion of agent into hail clouds. By agent dispersion, an environment is created where physical and chemical reactions can happen between artificial crystallization nucleus and cold cloud elements, which blocks the free expansion of the hail ice. The artificial crystallization nucleuses provide quick crystallization of cloud drops, forming small dimension crystals.

Anti-hail rocket ARI 2 fully complies with the requirements of The Israeli Institute of Meteorology.

Liquid Gas

Mitcham Yevolim, Pardesia

P.O.Box 4016  Zip Code 4281500, Israel

Tel: 972-9-9740777 


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