Soil Remediation

LiquidGas specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for environmental and sustainability projects.

The company has unique permits from the Ministry of Environmental Protection to neutralize and recycle various types of chemicals.


The company is active in the arena of demolition of contaminated plants and soil restoration.


The oil spill in Evrona national reserve in December 2014 , posed a unique challenge to the Liquid Gas team in the form of thousands cubic meters of crude oil that contaminated the desert landscape. 


The technology that was known in the world till that date was based on intensive irrigation as well as vast usage of mechanized tools.


The fact that the spillage occurred in a nature reserve required technological adjustments to provide a surgical response.


Liquid Gas has conducted a series of experiments combining different rehabilitation approaches to achieve the right "cocktail" of soil-penetrating enhancers, microbiological boosters, and a special bacterium that breaks down the oil and is adapted to extreme surface conditions.

The purpose of the treatment was to lower the level of pollution, measured as TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) to the point where the organisms in the reserve can handle the oil residue without further intervention.


The company's engineers have created a matrix that indicated the optimal concentration and minimum irrigation needed to achieve a fast, high-quality and economical result.

Evrona Rehabilitation Project. Photo: Oded Sahar, Israel Nature and Parks Authoritya- Haim David, LiquidGas - 2019

The oil pollution disaster in the Evrona Nature Reserve. Photo: Amir Aloni, Israel Nature and Parks Authority

Soil Remediation Demonstration

רבע לטבע פרק 8: עסק שחור.

כולם מדברים על קורונה - בואו נדבר על חיידק שעושה לנו טוב בשמורת טבע עברונה.

The one-acre pilot showed over 70% reduction in pollution in just 3 months

More than 500 samples have been taken throughout the pilot to prefect the model and to assure accurate and repeatable results.

The soil remediation of the whole 1000 acres will be finished by mid-2020, with forecast of significant reduction in all parameters of the pollution.


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