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Established in 2013 by a group of Chief Chemicals Engineers with global experience, LiquidGas provides unique, customized solutions to meet our customers’ requests and purposes.


Over the years, as the growth in demand for chemicals increased, it enabled us to expend our import platform and optimize the affinity between our customers’ applications and manufacturers worldwide.


Also, during the past few years, LiquidGas identified the increasing need for unique Hazardous Waste Treatment.


We have the “know how” (knowledge) and the capabilities to treat a variety of gases and chemicals within a scope of packages (cylinders, bubblers, totes, drums).


Our collaboration with chemical manufacturers worldwide insures the best solution for the most complexed chemicals. Our arsenal provides innovative, efficient, cost-effective solutions and technologies for the chemical industry, pharma and dangerous material.


All procedures and neutralization methods are subjected to the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection approval.


Customers are welcome to a professional tour to view the dedicated equipment used for a different chemicals.

CERTIFICATE ISO 9001 2015-2024
CERTIFICATE ISO 9001 2015-2024



LiquidGas offers its customers boutique services in the field of import and marketing of hazardous materials.

Our company markets and imports special chemicals from all over the world according to customer demands.


The company has long-term relationships with a variety of global manufacturers that enable stable and continuous supply of materials.


Our import services include:

  • Assistance in sourcing special and non-standard materials.

  • Import of complex molecules requiring an import license, end-user and indirect purchasing.

  • Import of flammable, corrosive, toxic, oxidizing and explosive materials.

  • Import of special gases.

  • Import in various quantities and packages; (R & D), barrels, sacks, IBC and isotanks.

  • Imports of composite containers.

  • Expert application engineers consultant to adjust the product to the process.

  • Transport and storage of hazardous materials.


Among the company’s customers, are the largest companies in the Israeli economy in the areas of security, chemistry, pharma, agrica and microelectronics.


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Liquid Gas

Mitcham Yevolim, Pardesia

P.O.Box 4016  Zip Code 4281500, Israel

Tel: 972-9-9740777 


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Interested in being represented in Israel by a leading, successful and reliable supplier of special gases and chemicals used in the Military, Pharma and Chemical Industries?

Should you have a unique product and/or technology you wish to promote, we would proudly be your partner.

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